"To Pay for the Spirits: Spirits will do anything for whiskey. Pay them also with sugar."

— Zora Neal Hurston. (1931). Hoodoo in America (via verdantdream)

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Is the will to take fate by the horns, hold on, and steer.

Can anyone do that? Damned if I know. What I do know, is many many many people don’t.

I get onto witchcraft chat rooms, where some of the people there talking to me, can’t be witches. Well at least that’s what they tell me, “I want to…


Can’t believe mark zuckerberg offered to buy snapchat for $3 billion when he could just download it for free from the app store


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trent park is just busy being gorgeous and rugged ha 

home country 


Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” Sexy Boys Parody by Mod Carousel

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This is long but im reposting it coz its well important, and makes me feel better for being a bit of a job-quitter…


I wrote about being a pushover for VICE Italy

Every job I’ve had was given to me. I didn’t ask for it, I was asked to do it. I never sent resumes, I just relied on word of mouth [insert blowjob joke]. I’m not bragging, I’m admitting laziness. Because what’s the use of effort if you’re getting…

Indigo children

I’m hurricaning my way around so many radical/ new age phenomenons; the Internet is a great enabler of such a short attention span, and today I’m full of opinions…

Indigo children. I don’t know much official knowledge about auras but I have come across a lot of people sounding official when they tell me about them. Apparently if you have a purple one , or were born in the 1980s you might be an Indigo child and therefore are blessed and gifted. Some cynical people say its hippy parents trying to say their “disordered ADHD children are gifted”, I say ADHD is a gift that society reframes as a disorder.

I think that’s one and the same, and the indigo children idea is a nice analogy to describe anyone who is rebellious or somewhat spiritual. Does it go without saying that I tick most of those boxes on the list “you are an indigo child if …” …. Perhaps. But I think that’s part of how this works.

Creative, rebellious kids do think along the same lines a lot. The one who had a goth phase when no one else did, or got chucked out of school, or really likes animals… these kids might suffer through school feeling alienated but then thrive when they find others like them interested in a counter culture. Our dominant culture does not respond to indigo characteristics with much enthusiasm, preferring to discipline or punish kids described as ADHD/indigo rather than celebrate them. I think rebellious kids are quite smart having questioned or rebelled a lot of the very questionable system.

And then something else happens. “Prone to depression”? Such highly functioning kids are also likely to needing an answer or a purpose within a big story. having rejected the one society has told them, they are susceptible to flattery and the comfort of a new age discourse; “you are special, your magical, of course the other kids never recognised your greatness” etc… Hence they call themselves indigo children and might find joy identifying as one.

So it’s neither true nor false but an interesting idea. although I have never seen an aura, I am sure that if i asked I would probably be told mine is looking pretty indigo. It’s up to me what I take from that…